10 Digital Startup Accelerators To Look Out for in 2015

The startup accelerator landscape in the MENA has come a long way in the past decade since the models set by the first pioneers started maturing. 2015 will witness a number of milestones for many accelerators in the region. The rapid shift to a competitive technologically-driven economy has taken the traditional business launching track by storm and ushered in the era of digital entrepreneurship. There is certainly no shortage of ideas, and investors are just waiting for the all-clear.

This is where accelerators come in to bring method and perspective to this buzzing scene. As the big picture has come into focus, it is easier to outline what type of support each startup requires for growth. Unlike incubators, accelerators usually look for startups with MVPs, although some accelerators propose A to Z services to entrepreneurs from the idea phase to product commercialization. A few accelerators even have educational programs in order to spread the culture of entrepreneurship.

The following accelerators are relatively new players, along with some of their more established peers, who are expected to make headlines and meet deadlines this year:

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