Juan Jose De La Torre, Group Strategy And Planning At Etisalat

Juan Jose De La Torre

Group Strategy & Planning Director at Etisalat

INSEAD MBA, Master in Project Management from La Salle and Industrial Civil Engineer from Adolfo Ibanez, Juan Jose has developed his entire career in Telecom, Media and Internet international businesses; focused on Innovation, Ventures, International and Market Facing Strategies, M&A, and Digital Ecosystems. Executive Summary -More than eight years of experience in Telecom, Internet and Media working for telecom international groups, vendors and consulting -Expert on mobile marketing, pricing, distribution, interactive technologies, products & services, content and new media -Former founder and CTO of a successful Latin-American start-up and non-Executive director of an Interactive Marketing start-up -International experience in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Russia-CIS, MENA, West Africa and CGG -Author in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and telecom; featuring publications with INSEAD, IBC, Informa and MarcusEvans -Frequently invited speaker to major Telecom and Media Conferences including 3GSM, 3GWorld, UTMSForum and 3GSM Americas.


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snowboardingfootballscuba diving and golf.


2007: (1) Awarded the INSEAD-Eli Lilly Innovation Award. (2) President of the INSEAD Entrepreneurship Club.

2006: France Telecom's Andre Cloud Excellence Award.

2003: Awarded the Fundacion Carolina (Spanish Government) Excellence Scholarship.

2000: (1) Mercator Foundation's 500 new young Chilean leaders. (2) The JC Foundation Award for best students of 2000 graduating class. (3) Ideas2K (Business Plan Competition) 3rd Place.

1999: Chilean Association of Banks and Financial Institutions, Honors scholarship.

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Juan Jose combines a very acute sense of innovation, direction of the industry... with a very pragmatic ability to deliver. Juan Jose effectively bridges vison and execution in multidisciplinar organizations. Juan Jose understands what partnership stands for. He will certainly protect the business objectives of his organization, but he will do it within a framework of collaboration and win-win situation i.e. sustainability of the partnership. I deeply respect Juan Jose expertise, common sense, ability to execute within a large organization and work ethics.

Miguel Carrerobusiness-partner

One of the most versatile people in the wireless business. His command of network based marketing and new product launch strategy, branding and technical development is unmatched by many.

Jack Torobincolleague

I had the privilege to manage Juan José in Orange/France Telecom and in Xfera. At that time Juan Jose had the responsability to lead technology partnerships in Orange based on mobile applications with the major player of the sector. He succeed in that task by developing a solid partnership model and profitable applications. He is a self-motivated proffesional that always has overperformed in all the task I had assigned to him by adding its own inspiration and a lots of hard work. In summary he is the kind of proffesional that I would like to have in my team when a really hard challenge arise.

Carlos Celayacolleague

We work together in the most challenging project for France Telecom Spain in 2006 as it was the 'rebranding' of the Home business (wanadoo) and mobile (amena) into Orange. Juan Jose demostrated an excellent technical expertise but more important, an outstanding management of his workstream (which was the largest in terms of people involved). It was really good to work together, and all of us have the feeling we learned something from him

Telmo Pérez Luacescolleague

I worked with Juan Jose during the rebranding of France Telecom Espana and Amena into Orange in Spain; a challenging and complex project, which aimed to change the customer experience of our operations in Spain. In this project, Juan Jose was responsible for the overall technical rebranding, which included the complete product & services portfolio of both the fixed and the mobile operation. He demonstrated a though leadership of his team and a keen ability to manage the complexity of the project achieving outstanding results. Juan Jose was a key element in achieving a successful rebranding in Spain.

Friedel Kehnecolleague

I met Juan Jose at the Innovation Center of Auna Group and he is very good facing new challenges. He works meticulously in order to achieve the objectives proposed and he is able to structure his ideas perfectly, transmitting them to its colleagues in an effective manner.

Carlos Lopez Herrerocolleague

Juan Jose has a very direct leadership style based on a task-oriented approach applying high pace, that makes you to get involve and enthusiastic about the projects, is able to synthesize and summarize ideas really fast and with a clear focus on the key points. He is really practical and executive.

Juanjo Morenocolleague

Juajo has demonstrated his strong capability to analyse, define and execute the 3rd party programme in Amena, getting the best from companies like mCentric. His experience in the mobile sector is one of the best I have ever seen.

Rodrigo Miranda Beltránbusiness-partner

Juan Jose is always a bet on the sure thing. I specially appreciate his ability to work under very tight deadlines. His expertise, focus, and creativity under pressure make him a tremendous asset to any team.

Silvia Royuelacolleague

I highly recommend JJ. He is completely focused on the sucess of the projects, specially in those with very tight timeframes and deadlines. His expertise and management skills help the team to achieve results on time and abover customer/user expectations.

Pedro Irujocolleague

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