Dawri Plus Live: Be part of the Game

Dawri Plus Live is MENA’s first multi-screen platform that puts users at the center of the game using cutting edge features and technology. Specifically developed to enable and activate exclusive rights to the Saudi Professional League digital video content, the platform allows users to live stream and replay the League’s matches within a completely interactive and socially connected application.

Manage, Play, Socialize and Share
With our development team continually adding new features, Dawri Plus is set to become socially connected to what matters. The application will put users at its heart, where they will act as contributors, gamers, followers and influences. Dawri Plus is set to become the digital destination for everything Saudi League related and more, including quality editorial and a wealth of user generated content.

Fantasy League & Goal Predictor
The Fantasy League feature, now available for the 2014/2015 season, utilizes real-time league data and statics, offering users the truest form of gaming as they play against friends and fans to put their team into the no. 1 spot. Goal Predictor provides more competitive interaction, while fans will be able to share their success via social media channels directly from the platform.

Live and on-demand game videos are delivered seamlessly to every screen, overlayed with unique match analysis and statistics including; total distance covered by player, zones of influence, number of passes, and player speed – with more data and analysis being activated all the time, such as player heat maps, a first in the region.