Digital Content Adoption: Can Analytics Bridge the Gap?

Juan Jose De La Torre, VP of Strategy & Corporate Development and Meghali Sharma, Competitive Intelligence Analyst at Intigral return to the MEF Minute to explore digital content adoption and the crucial role analytics have in making smart business decisions.


Our previous blog debated the evolution of digital mobile content in the region and factors motivating its growth. These factors have enabled a visible shift from traditional mobile value added services to data oriented services; however, there still exists a clear disconnect in the type of content and applications which consumers use and demand against what is being developed and supplied by aggregators and mobile operators.

This supply and demand gap for mobile content and applications arises from the absence of data analytics, on both content aggregators’ and operators’ part. Compared to a few years ago a lot of companies have either become aware of analytics or have started to use and implement it.  That’s good news as it enables absolute visibility of both content consumption and data usage, as well helping to differentiate and micro-segment products and services easily, thus addressing some key concerns in the digital content industry. However, most ecosystem players lack the basic processes, frameworks and technical infrastructures required to capture and manipulate customer data.

This blog explores the challenges faced by ecosystem players in promoting the adoption of digital services as well as benefits which can be achieved through analytics.


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