The world is constantly being disrupted by small, fast and lean startups who are leveraging technology to blindside traditional and incumbent players in mainstream markets. These startups, who may be small in size but are big in ideas, are disrupting traditional companies in industries from banking to airlines, shipping companies to telecoms. It is now a challenge for these big companies to compete with the lower prices, fast time to market and superior customer experiences these startups are bringing to the table. In order to stay ahead, traditional companies need to embrace these challengers and innovate. Digital businesses can offer the perfect set of tools in order to make traditional companies disruptors in their own markets. The objective of this speaking is to showcase how traditional companies can leverage the startup ecosystem to innovate and stay ahead of their competition.

    This presentation focuses on developing the concept of how corporations can leverage startups and their ecosystem to innovate.

    As such, the presentation starts by assessing the current market scenario and the changing forces governing it, with particular focus on the proliferation of startups and format invaders that are challenging corporations.

    It will then show case recent and tangible case studies that illustrate how disruptive startups can actually partner with traditional companies (rather than simply challenge them) to create truly market driven innovation.

    Finally, the presentation provides key learnings and take-aways on how you too can create digital disruption in your industry.

    Content Outline

    1. The Market Scenario has changed

    • Proliferation of open innovation economy
    • Technological changes and disruptions
    • Changes in Business Models

    2. Case Studies

    • Absolut
    • Bank Industry
    • Coca Cola

      3. Lessons Learnt

      BIO: INSEAD MBA, Masters in Project Management from La Salle and Industrial Civil Engineer from Adolfo Ibanez, Juan Jose has developed his career around Innovation, Ventures, Entrepreneurship, International and Market Expansion Strategies, Product Development, M&A, and Digital Ecosystems. Juan Jose de la Torre is Vice President Digital at Intigral, MENA’s largest digital company, where he is responsible for Intigral’s portfolio across Mobile, Web, Apps and Services.

      Juan Jose started his career as an entrepreneur, when still at college he founded iEducation Holdings; an e-learning online company raising a total capital of US$ 1.5M. After successfully positioning the company as the first Chilean e-learning portal, Juan Jose exited and joined Telia-Sonera in Europe to manage the Data and VAS Services on the launch of the company in Spain. After an exciting period with Telia-Sonera, in 2004, Juan Jose joined Orange – France Telecom to lead the development of the new Innovation Strategic unit, an endeavor aiming to foster high-speed market facing innovation based on third parties and innovation networks. Later Juan Jose was appointed deputy to Orange CTO, handling all Technology and Product & Service international strategies and playing a key role in Orange’s NeXT Strategy Implementation for UK, France and Spain.

      Juan Jose’s career has taken him to four continents and more than 20 countries. He has authored several articles in Telecom, Media, International Strategy and Innovation, and been an invited speaker to more than 50 international conferences including Mobile World Congress, 3GSM, 3GWorld, UTMSForum, WEF and 3GSM Americas. Juan Jose is also an Associate Researcher and Author at INSEAD.

      Throughout his career, Juan Jose has been awarded with a number of recognitions including: INSEAD-Eli Lilly Innovation Award, President of the INSEAD Entrepreneurship Club, France Telecom’s Andre Cloud Excellence Award, Fundacion Carolina / Spanish Government Excellence Scholarship, Mercator Foundation’s 500 new young Chilean leaders. One of the 3 ambassadors for HP for middle east.

      In his free time, JJ enjoys travelling and adventure sports. He is also a music composer and former professional DJ. He currently lives in Dubai with his wife and two sons.

        • Pillars of Disruption
        • Acceleration / Incubation
        • Untraditional Monetization
        • Customer supremacy

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